Make sure you fulfilled the requirements before going any further.

For an ezPAARSE installation on a Windows OS, you will have to use a dockerized container, please see below.

Stable version

To install the last stable version on a Unix system, open a console and enter:

git clone
cd ezpaarse
git checkout `git describe --tags --abbrev=0`

Video Demonstration

This screencast demonstrates the previous instructions.

Development version

If you wish to install the development version, open a console and enter:

git clone
cd ezpaarse

Docker and Compose

ezPAARSE is available as a docker image.

To run it with docker, you will need to install Docker and Docker-Compose.

Then, you can either grab the ‘docker-compose.yml’ file alone and start the containers:

mkdir ezpaarse/
docker-compose up -d

or simply start the containers from your local github cloned repository:

git clone
cd ezpaarse
docker-compose up -d

Uninstall ezPAARSE

Remove the ezpaarse folder:

rm -rf ezpaarse

Delete the database:

mongo ezpaarse

If using the docker version, delete the Docker containers:

docker rm -f ezpaarse ezpaarse_db